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The Blue Springs Ford Helping Others campaign will be donating the September portion of the charity fund to the ALS Association-Keith Worthington Chapter. Due to this, there will be no nominating or voting during the month of September. Nominations will resume on October 1.


Every month, Blue Springs Ford will be hosting a Helping Others campaign. The purpose of this campaign is to get the community involved with a charity. We will be giving away $1000 to a charity every month, but we need your help. There are hundreds of charities out there. We need you to tell us which one to give the money to. Here is how it works:

  1. Nominate! 1st-10th of every month
    You get to choose who gets to be voted on. There will be a form provided that will allow you to nominate any charity you like. If the nomination is approved, it will be added to the list of charities to be voted upon to receive the $1000.
  2. Vote! 11th-26th of every month
    All approved nominated charities will be listed here during this time. You will then be able to "like" (or vote for) the charity[ies] you think should win. You can like as many charities as you want, but you can only like each charity once, so get your friends involved too!
  3. Winner! 27th-end of every month
    This is when we finally tally the "likes" and announce who wins the $1000. Come visit this page during this time to see if the charity you voted for won!



We will be giving away $1000/month until we give away a total of $250,000! That's over a 20 year commitment. Stay involved and help make a difference in the community!

You can view previous winners here

* Effective August 2014, organizations will be eligible to win the Helping Others donation one time. Organization must have current Non-Profit status at time of winning. Non Profit status will be verified via the IRS website.


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Last Month's Winning Charity!

Burge Bird Rescue

Visit Website

Birds are the third most commonly kept pet after cats and dogs, but very few shelters will take in these animals. Our nonprofit rescue takes in not only indoor pets from finches to parakeets to parrots, we also help abandoned or injured ducks, chickens, pigeons and wild birds that are turned away by wildlife facilities. In 2013 we helped over 300 birds!

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